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Money in Poetry… Poetry in money?

I have always admired Sir Black… He is one of my five role models… (I think I have to write on my five role models soon🤔)

So today Deydzi was feeling all gee😎 (wordplay intended🙈)
Well after several weeks of yobbing and pestering… Sir Black had agreed to come on air as our guest for the open air theatre show live on radio Univers 105.7fm(y’all in Accra should listen sometime… Sundays 5-6pm👌) and I was the person to interview this creative giant.💃
Before I continue lemme just say this… “if slam poetry was the matrix then Sir Black will be the oracle”🙌 .
The guy can literally play with anything, everything, and nothing… That kind of exotic word play where the words are erupted out of context and slammed into a different context so brilliantly that it might not really make sense but makes sense😝 (alright now I’m not making any sense… I sense it😆… Once again wordplay intended 👯)
Enough fooling around and feet licking… Where was I Kraa…
*scrolls up*
Ahaahh… So this Sunday was right after Spirited poetry at the chale wote2016 street arts and cultural festival… And the poetry I was exposed to was something else…
You know quite different from the bias one way UG campus poetry…
So I have been thinking about this for sometime.
What the blazes happened to UG poetry…😨
Those who know me personally might have noticed that I never added “The Poet” to my Pseudonym.
Well it’s because;
1.I wouldn’t classify what I do as poetry cos its quite different from most of the other types we’re familiar with… I have some kind of contemporary new blend of hip hop poetry I’m still developing.
2.Most of the “The poets” we see aren’t so poetic… I mean if the empty clichéd repeated sequences they produce is poetry then I want no share of it.
3. Well I hate labels and I don’t really fit well under them so I avoid them. (* 📝 #NoteToSelf… Write about labels soon*) You might think of me as a poet but I’m not the “the poet” or “De poet” kinda poet… I’m Deydzi😎.
So my studio session with Sir Black was great… But one thing that struck a chord was the way he answered my questions.
He just kept playing with the exact words I had used to pose the questions and carefully crafted them into clever answers that didn’t seem so sensible… (he had me thinking “Ahh guy weii paa😏”)
When I asked if poetry paid him… He looked me in the eye and said “There’s no money in poetry neither is the poetry in money… Those who make money out of it end up changing the letters…” (what the hell!!!! Practical Nonsense 😆) well this got me thinking the whole week… This got me reflecting on my life… On this path I’ve chosen… Well it rather chose me … But I accepted it😢

I began to realize how different I was from all the other “poets” on campus.
I realized how unique I was… How I had grown…
How it wasn’t just a performance when I grabbed a mic and stood before an audience… I was a bar tender (Tending these bars 🎤🎶) pouring out my blood and sweat as metaphorical cocktails for a blood thirsty crowd… Hungering for something beautiful…

This was ministry…

It hit me… That I have never once been paid for what I did behind the microphone 🎤… Not because I was infamous… Not because my art is cheap…
No!! My art is priceless…
Sir Black had told me the basic truth my soul had known the whole time 😊… My art was priceless…
The moment I place a price tag on myself…
The moment I start to commercialize this…
The moment I become a commodity on the stock market…
My value will depreciate.
So just like all the “The poets” I will loose my “e” (essence) and become “The pot” empty…
And empty barrels make the most noise…
How much more a pot😆😆😆😆

So to all the people outside there… Get your motives right!!
Suck on this suckers!!!!!😆😜😝

You can’t put a price tag on poetry…




Spoken word artiste, Lyricist, writer, actor, radio show host.... Basically out of the abundance of my Art 🎨 you hear my heart ❤ speak

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