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The Best rapper Alive

Hi ๐Ÿ™‹….

Okay so the next blog post is still under construction so in the meantime enjoy this piece I wrote something ago๐Ÿ˜†

The Best Rapper Alive*
They say pride goes before a fall,
So don’t bother to stop me…
We’ve fallen in love with this nonsense.
Truth is hip hop fell so many years ago.
What happened to making a difference?
Off late the only difference we make is our profits sticking out off our pockets.
And all we do is talk about ourselves, so we’ve got lots of empty rap verses looking like selfies…
Cos we so selfish, we’ve kicked the truth of this bars unto the sidelines…
And even all these images we paint of ourselves are false.
We’ve pimped them up with pathetic lies… And we’ve gotten so good at it, so now it’s like we’re PhotoShop…
Living a picture perfect life without the โ€˜fโ€™ (facts). Nothing but a lie.
Maybe its cos we all want to be successful… If that’s the case then there’s a problem with our measure of Sarkcess.
Y’all are changing lines instead of changing lives.
You might call yourself a king sitting on a throne of awards but nigga what happened to Authenticity?
Kings are supposed to serve the people that’s why the only king I pledge allegiance to is the King of kings.
What happened to Rap as a voice of the people?
Your self centeredness M.anifests into noise to my ears.
They say music is food for the soul…
Well I’ll be damned!!! by the trash that plays on air.
And all these rap fans are completely helpless…
Like baby birds in a nest with their mouths wide open crying to their favorite rappers like they were their mothers โ€œFeed me!!!! Feed me!!!!โ€.
They say you are what you eat… Well that explains why our youth are acting like a waste.
Trying so hard to soar the skies, claiming they’re eagles… When they’re still baby birds, eating from a trash can of a mother.
Take a look at your puny pathetic selves!!!
How dare you call yourself a God Mc?
The Only God Emceed the creation of the world with just six punchlines.
You wanna battle something battle that!
Since all you all, do is talk about either yourselves or nonsense!!
You wouldn’t even be able to make French toast with a Hit Album.
And if all of your punchlines were woven into fabrics, they will be to worthless to even be sold at Kanta.

They’re way cheaper than grey baft.
Below standard.
Y’all can do better.
For once stop talking about yourselves…
and talk about change for a change.
This ain’t a diss… Nope!
It’s the truth.
This is what reality really sounds like.
And all of this came out of the mouth of a kid…
I thought you Bossy bosses were the role models and players of the game.

To be honest I’m quite impressed by this publicity stunt…
But was it worth it?
What point did you make?
Cos in the end the truth remains the same.
The best rapper alive is one who seeks not his own Glorification.




Spoken word artiste, Lyricist, writer, actor, radio show host.... Basically out of the abundance of my Art ๐ŸŽจ you hear my heart โค speak

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