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Two balls of Kenkey

Hi 🙋 Fam…
I miss you all already…
Anyway I have a very interesting story.

DISCLAIMER: Please this is a very true story😆😆 and nope its not about me but a close friend. I deliberately changed the name of certain characters😆😆😆 Enjoy🎈 he’s probably going to kill me if he reads this post😅😅


Pfffff!!!! Pfffffff!!!!
The sweet scented contents of the half empty body spray can hit the depths of his ampits In short bursts.
Ofosu knew the essence of having a good scent around you as a young man in the University.
He needed that sweet scent and positive aura to work it’s magic, especially tonight.
He had to impress her.
Ofosu wasn’t a playboy…
Nah!!! He respected ladies so much that he dared not mess with anyone’s emotions.
Neither was he a dull boy…
He didn’t really have swagg but he was a good talker and perfectly good at vibing.

Most of the other vandals called him “mmaa peh Mark Zuckerberg”
Well just incase you want to find out any info about any girl Ofosu was your guy.
All he needed was her name… He will then provide you with her courses & timetable, room number, and to show off he would mention the last three digits of her phone number.
The guy was a genius…
This semester he was at the bottom of his game.
His Dad had passed away during the vacation, making him see life differently. The death was unexpected so finances were very down at home since everyone was spending on the funeral.
The was one person who always kept him company…
She had been in his life since his childhood and was very close and supporting back in high school.
Once more this close friend was by his side once again in this tragedy.
And as usual she provided the usual familiar comfort and satisfaction he needed.
Gari is Bae…
Yhup… So he ate her everyday…
Today with milk and ground nut as protein. Tomorrow with Mansah’s tasty beans and plantain.
Despite all her Comfort and satisfaction Gari wasn’t enough to take his mind of his sufferings.
That’s what today was all about.
He was going to see Leticia.
He had met her last semester…
She was good looking and seemed very interesting.
He never really gave her attention, but char… Desperate times calls for desperate measures…
She had been bugging him to surprise her with food. (These Legon girls can really eat)
Ofosu pulled out one five cedi note… This could normally cover his feeding for about three days but today was special.
He bought two balls of kenkey with sardine and headed for her place.
He reached Volta hall… A sly smile sneaked across his face as he remembered all his exploits from the previous semester.
He was finally back in the game!!!

He had finally reached her floor….

He could see her door…

He headed for it….
One step…

Two steps…

He stood before the door…

Took a deep breath…

Raised his hand….

And gently knocked on the door.

The was no reply so he knocked again. He heard what sounded like a familiar voice.

The lock clicked open… The door moved slowly… And there stood her roommate.

“Hi is Leticia in?”

“Ooo sorry she just went out with one of her guys a few minutes ago, She will be back very late”
15 minutes later…
Ofosu sat on my bed looking very disappointed.

I was literally rolling on the floor laughing my head off!!!!

“Char Dodzi I make serious shun!!! The whole sem I never buy sardine”

I just kept laughing…
” char should I eat the kenkey now or keep it for tomorrow”

At this point I new that The Facebook server had crashed….

I really enjoyed the kenkey




Spoken word artiste, Lyricist, writer, actor, radio show host.... Basically out of the abundance of my Art 🎨 you hear my heart ❤ speak

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