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Spiritual High

Hi πŸ™‹ Fam…
You guys do awll πŸ˜†…
So yh… I thank you guys for the love you expressed over two balls of kenkey(wait this sounds like we made love over kenkey πŸ˜…πŸ˜…)
The truth is the guy we decided to call Ofosu πŸ˜† yh mmaa peh Mark Zuckerberg πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.
Well the guy read the blog post and surprisingly didn’t kill me πŸ˜†.

He gave me permission to use more of his life experiences πŸ‘―
Expect the prelude to “two balls of kenkey” soon.

Now let’s get to today’s agendum.

Spiritual High
This is my first openly religious post πŸ˜‡ PS. I’m not coming to preach to anyone(The world has enough preachers teaching all kinds of doctrines and doing all kinds of stuff that don’t actually make sense πŸ˜’) and to those self appointed judges who will jump into conclusions… Please I’m a Christian… A spiritual one for that matter 😌.
Tho I’m not really accepted by the church squad because of my unconventional methods of handling certain things Christ still died on the cross for me so yh… They can go screw themselves πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

You won’t see me on the frontline… Nope I’m like a covet special opp Christian…
You won’t see me hanging out with all the precious puritans… Nope Let’s Just say I’m too raw for them and I don’t cover my real personality with empty religious hypocritical acts just to look perfect. ( I think I will reserve the precious puritans for another post 😏)

Back to today’s issue. πŸ˜‹…
Now Spiritual high refers to a condition every new born again believer feels at the beginning of their Christian walk… ( aca writing gurus be reading inside the brackets thinking its in text citation. 😝)

Lemme give this analogy before I continue(The comic geeks and superhero movie fans will enjoy this πŸ‘Œ)
Now a new born Christian is like Ironman πŸ˜† consider the arc reactor in his chest as his zeal and faith…
Now this fire πŸ”₯in our chest is what powers the ironman suit, keeps us alive and is slowly killing us. Abi you barb 😊
(if you don’t please go review your movie watching career πŸ˜…πŸ˜…)
When we are spiritual high, our zeal to please God and our joy in our new found faith tends to cloud our sense of better judgment.

So we go all out and try to handle things we ain’t prepared for…
We end up driving people away from us indirectly.
We are supposed to lead exemplary lives that will attract people to the kingdom of God.

We’re supposed to be Like LED Billboards pointing the way towards heaven…

I see us as lights alright… We shine so bright… But we’re pointing people to the wrong way 😏
We’re scaring them away…

We screaming “come as you are”

But come on we don’t mean it.
Here lies the truth of the matter … Get back to boot camp…Period!!!!
A good one for that matter…
Everyone needs training and preparations…
And please before you judge someone remove the canoe from your eyes first, not so that you see clearly… Nah that’s not my beef. So that you can drown in your own self worthlessness.

Sometimes I wonder if the church descended from the biblical Pharisees.

Basically I still see the same old brood of vipers under the suit and ties.
What it truly means to be Christian… Christlike
For I’m unashamed of the Gospel, God’s sovereign power to save Everyone (Gay,Lesbian,Drug addict,occultist, prostitutes,drunkards,hypocrites,African,American,Midget,hobo,Professor,Fraudster,Witch… Basically Everyone) Who truly believes.

So to all my fellow outcasts and 116ers…

Stay Unashamed πŸ™Œ




Spoken word artiste, Lyricist, writer, actor, radio show host.... Basically out of the abundance of my Art 🎨 you hear my heart ❀ speak

4 thoughts on “Spiritual High

  1. Love the way you put your voice in text ..lovely speech bro… punchlines would have knocked may weather into a sunny forecast tho respect bro#cucchii


  2. Yh thats my big man,
    All my friends are enjoying ur words, wishing they were part of it…..its so nice the way you use the language, and the general reaction is, wow wow wow, such a talented writer, anyway hope to see more of u


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