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Roses are red but…

Yo my squad🙌
Today’s post is going to be very epic👌
It’s actually my first open post on dating and relationships 😍 basically what I did was pick my own experience and write it up as an interesting story😋

Before I give you the story I have a few things to say…

Please I know the are errors in my posts… Well it’s because I manage this blog from a Nokia Lumia phone😅😆
Besides what were you expecting this is a junkyard for crying out loud😁😂
I also deliberately leave certain errors to symbolize how humanity is perfectly flawed…

And Alhaji Spe happy birthday to you… Bro you are a legend…(idiot stop talking and post the stupid story laaa😈

Tan talaaaaa🎺🎵🎶

Drum roll (when the windows phone refuses to display the drum roll emoji…. Facepalm

Roses are red but…

I remember the first time I noticed her.
“Thanks for your candid opinion as usual Dodzi… You may sit”
As I resumed my seat to allow the lecture proceed our eyes met and she smiled at me.
This wasn’t the first time this had happened.
Ever since lectures had started I noticed she kept stealing glances and smiles at me. It was starting to get annoying. I had to do something
“Dey… No dull things, we left all of that back at high school” the cooler guy within me was trying to win this one.
I looked back at my relationship history and it was plain empty.
I was a very outspoken person.
I was funny and creative with an interesting personality.
Physically, well I’m thick tall with a baby face… So yh I am attractive.

And then I remembered my one problem… I’m shy of girls…
Unlike other guys I’m not that type of hunter who just walks up to his game and smooth talks her down.
Naahh… I kinda fumbled whenever I was in front of a potential new catch… Basically I made a mess of myself.

So I developed a different technique. I became like a serpent. I stalked my prey… Found out everything I needed, slowly familiarized myself with my game and then attacked.

“Dodzi don’t you have anything to say?” The whole class burst out laughing, the lecturer had caught me day dreaming again…
“Eerrhhmm No Sir”
I looked in her direction and caught her smiling at me again. It was official I had to do something.
After class I walked with Kwame out of the lecture hall… I didn’t really know Kwame but I felt we were going to be homies.
Kwame knew some girls who were friends of my admirer, so I walked with him towards them.
We were right in front of the bouquet of fine girls…
She raised her head and our eyes met. Her eyes had this glossy glassy look… It was as if I was transparent and she was looking through me… I felt she could see my past and future with those mysterious eyes.
As usual she smiled at me… ” this is it guy, don’t slack!” The cool guy within me forcefully took over.
” Hi” that was all I managed to say…
“hello Dodzi” she replied coyly.
Ooo she knew my name… Game On … One, nil…
“I’m Abena” … She told me her name… Sweet, two, nil .
I looked back at her, “guy don’t say something stupid!!!” The cool guy within kept protesting.
“I like your hair”
She looked away shyly “Aww thanks”
Yesss!! I had scored a hatrick, three,nil “good boy… Now pull out slowly before you mess this one up” the cool guy within was really bugging me now.
“I guess I’ll see you around…”
“sure” she quickly responded and we patted ways with a hand shake.
First physical contact, sweet. Four, nil.

Two days later, I walked into a different lecture room feeling all gee. I was early as usual. This was a much larger class compared to where I had met Abena.
I walked into the lecture hall with a little swagger… And there she was, sitting in the third row of seats, looking straight into my eyes…
…We both smiled.
I walked up to her…
She lifted her bag up and I sat besides her.
“Hi” I said shyly
“hello ” she giggled.
I had to start the familiarizing process.
“How was your weekend?”
She looked at me with a smile.
“well nothing really happened … You, what were you up to”
Abena knew me as a serious student so I played along.
“I passed by the library to see if i could get access to any of our required text. I saw the list of books in our class WhatsApp group.”
She looked surprised…”wow I had no idea there was a class WhatsApp group”
She opened my notebook, took her pen and wrote her number on the cover of my book with an autograph that said “Aby”
“please let the admin add me”

She had just given me her number. Game on!!! Deydzi had just moved on to the semifinals.

As time went by we grew more and more closer to each other. We were hanging out, taking walks, sitting together and studying together. Everyone thought she was my girlfriend. She didn’t complain cos the mask relationship kept other guys off… I didn’t complain cos I was falling in love with the real person under the pretty face.

People on countless times asked if we were dating… We just looked at each others faces and laughed…
We didn’t care what they thought, as far as we were concerned we were Just friends.
Until the night everything changed.
Her birthday was fast approaching… It was at the latter part of the semester. Ohh boy was damn broke.
I wanted to get her something nice.
I wanted to give her something no one had ever given to her.
I wanted my gift to be very special.
And that was how Kay came handy.

Kay was my roommate. He was a typical vandal stereotype. Aside those negatives he was an artist.
He had this magnificent way of reproducing exact black and white replicas of people’s pictures with just a pencil.

He offered to help me out on this one.
Kay made an A4size portrait of Abena. It was perfect.
The portrait was almost magical, I could see her beautiful smile…. And her eyes, gosh!!! Tho Kay did his magic with a pencil, and the image was black and white, her eyes still had that mysterious glossy glassy look.

Finally the day came. It was high time I made things official. I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend on her birthday. It was time for a real relationship.

She came to class very late that day, she was looking splendid. She sat by me during the class.
My mind was roaming some far away desserts gathering the right words to achieve the task that lay ahead of me.

Kwame and our other friends were planning a surprise party for her in her room at 7pm that night. I was the diversion so that they could set up.
She met me in front of my hall at 6pm.
I held her hand as we descended the romantic vandal city.
I gave her the portrait Kay made…
“Aby… I want to give you something that you will forever remember me by”
She was blushing with excitement, she removed the wrapping from the gift…
She looked at her face, like she was looking in a black and white mirror.
“Aww thanks Dey”
She hugged me tightly as she was bubling with excitement.

Soon we reached her room. She was surprised to see everyone in there.
As usual everyone addressed me as the boyfriend. “Dey don’t worry after today you will have every right to the title” the cool guy within me was encouraging me.
The party ended soon, I stayed after the party to help her clear the place.
We kept chatting… I was setting the mood for the final match.
It was getting late and I had to get going…
So far things were going according to plan.
We descended from her hall…

Hand in hand…

Still giggling …
We stood outside her hall.
Astrologically the stars were in place…
If life was a PG 16 movie I would have looked into her eyes, and said those 3 magical words, kisses her and then we would have lived happily ever after.
Well reality hadn’t hit me yet.

I looked her in the eyes… I could see the reflection of light from the full moon, in the convex mirror-like pupils of her beautiful eyes.

I looked into her eyes and I saw everything I had always wanted…
I looked into her eyes and I saw my whole life flash before my eyes…
Baby Dodzi playing…
Dodzi in primary school leading the red cross parade…
Dodzi in Senior high school directing a play at drama troupe rehearsals…
Dodzi sitting up at night busily scribbling lines down for No God damn reason…
Dodzi looking at Aby for the first time in that lecture hall…
For a moment everything was still… I heard our hearts beat synchronously…
I looked into those glossy glassy eyes… And then I saw the shock of my life.
I Saw my mum crying…
I saw Mummy bitterly weeping…
Just like she did when she got divorced.

I remembered the pain of broken heart I had experienced as being a child from a broken marriage…
This was when reality hit me.
Life was messed up and stupid…
It wasn’t as things appeared in movies.
I came back to reality and realized that I cared too much about Aby to start anything that might end up hurting her…
I heard my sister’s voice in my head saying “What will Jesus Do?”
It was official now…
“Don’t even think about messing this fine chance up” the cool guy within me started protesting.
I ignored him.
I looked her in the eyes and said, “I’m glad you had a good time” we hugged and patted ways.

“Idiot!!! You always mess things up… You are never going to get a girlfriend… How could you spoil a once in a life time opportunity…” The cool guy was really getting on my nerves now… “Get thee behind me Satan!!”
I silenced him…
“you sef I’m done with you…
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Chocolates are sweet,
And single are you”

I smiled at his folly…

“Go climb a mango tree or something”
I smiled at my victory…
“Roses are red but…
What happens when she cries?”



Spoken word artiste, Lyricist, writer, actor, radio show host.... Basically out of the abundance of my Art 🎨 you hear my heart ❤ speak

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