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Kenta:We make our own Devils…

Hi 🙋 fam…
I miss you squad😍
First of all I want to thank you guys for the support you’ve showed life’s junkyard… You guys do awll🙌

Today no plenty talks… Enjoy🎈

Kenta : We make our own demons.

Eyes shut tight…
Mind fully concentrated…
My chest moved up and down rhythmically in meditation…
“sing in me holy muse… Devine spirit of creativity, spirit of the living God.
Grant me the grace to flow gracefully like the sacred waters that watered your Devine garden at the dawn of creation.
Dance in me and fill me up…
So that I, in perfect creativity, shall imitate your perfect creation in mimicry…
And through me might you touch the conscience of humanity… As I tell this story, satirizing their flawed society…
So in the end all glory and honor will be yours.
Almighty father…

I opened my eyes and looked at the people around…
Well basically this was a theatre arts rehearsal and the prayer I had just ended was my very own innovation.
A Christian adaptation of the Greek practice of invoking the Muses to fill them with creative prowess before any performance.
Well I really needed my muse this time around, so I prayed to God to fill me with his grace.
The play was Tears of Lucifer, written and Directed by Dr Daniel Appiah Agyei.

This play was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done(apart from dancing… It’s like the beat and I just don’t get along😅).
Normally when I’m doing characterization for any role I play, I put Dodzi in the situation and act as I would behave.(easy peasy👌) well this time around I wasn’t given a character that was close to my personality, the director deliberately casted me for something out of the box, so I accepted the challenge. So that I could learn, expand my limits and come out victorious as an improved person.
I was playing the choir master.
The choir master is a unique character in the play. First of all the play talks about hypocrisy in the church. And the choir master is one character that really brings that theme out.
This guy is basically a lazy drunkard…
Ironically the influence of alcohol gives him the ability to freely speak the plain truth on what’s actually happening.
” Sometimes I don’t understand how some people behave in this church, they sing and dance as if they are kissing and embracing Jesus, yet all are outward niceties…
To escape from our own weakness we sit in judgment and condemnation of others…”(in-text citation or something like that is supposed to be here😈 )

Now back to why I am struggling to play this character.
It’s pretty simple.
I’ve never been drunk before….
(Yhup, I’m probably the only vandal who doesn’t drink😅😅)
It’s kinda like a personal thing.
I have this moral code I abide by, it’s kind of like an oath I swore to myself, my super hero code of conduct, my personal covenant.
(lemme quickly sum it up)
1.No drugs (cos no matter how much pounds of weed you smoke 🚬 you can never be higher than the most high God😏)
2.No cheating in exams(not because I’m a shark… But I should be honest with myself to accept my failures, know my weaknesses and know that I’m fully responsible for my success)
3.No Alcohol(well I can really be an idiot at times 😆😆😆 the world will be much more horrible if I were to get drunk 😵)
4. No Sex before marriage(I’m cancelling the “well” it’s getting too much… a whole generation of future leaders have been overthrown before their time, sentenced to death… Execution by condoms and abortion pills🙊)
5. Never let good people go…
6.There’s more to people than first impressions and what they look like.
7. People are not Good or Bad… They’re just people. They act on impulse based on the situation at hand, the available options and their moral constraints….( people are stupidly evil😝)
( back to where I left off…)
Since I have never drunk alcohol I didn’t know what drunk Dodzi will be like, so well yh I had to actually put on a different character.( that’s the reason I was invoking my muse).
Now back to the play… Weeks of rehearsals had taught me something… In the story Kenta the son of Lucifer decides to break camps with his dad and join the Christians. The Christians however reject him because of his horns which identify him as the devil…
Basically this is seen in our churches…
Most of us deem certain people or things as devilish, because of the context in which they appear.( I’ve had folks call my ministry secular cos they saw pictures of me giving a piece in a pub, please precious puritans what’s secular about a Christian ministering a Christian piece anywhere for anyone… God’s gospel isn’t limited by locale or to a particular audience… Alright this is getting a little personal 😉😆)
But basically we forget of our own spiritual horns(pornography, masturbation, sexual immorality, hypocrisy, pride,jealousy… Just name it) we feel grace is like a tag that justifies these deeds and makes them OK so far as we do them in secret and act as if we perfect.
Paul described these things in Hebrews 12 as sins that are clinging to us and refusing to let go…(the comic geeks would love this analogy 😎) Christians are supposed to be like Spiderman…
And call these sins the venom symboite.
Once we have it on we feel good and cool (looking all gee in the black spidey suit) then with time we realize it’s taking over, we realize we were better off without it so we get rid of it. Most of us are rather like Eddy brocks( the guy who became venom in the Spiderman movie,cartoons,stories…) we tend to fall in love with it… We know it’s evil and killing us but we still refuse to give it up,

Sometimes I feel we hold on to these things tighter than they hold on to us.
It’s like we are clinging to this cancer tighter than it clings to us.
And then we have the guts to openly come out and judge someone for what he does or looks like.
We end up making our own devils…
And the truth is(hmmm I fell asleep and when I woke up I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to place here 😅😅)
We make our own devils…
Most of the “secular” musicians who produce the junk that plays on our airways have had experiences with churches and Christians.
It’s simple the talent is calling, these youngsters have to answer it, and they’ve been convinced that the gift God gave them is evil. So in their quest to find their purpose, in their quest for acceptance… They do what they’re good at and do it for folks who accept it.

So basically(I have to stop over using “basically”) we are the ones who created these “devils”… Just like Kenta we rejected them because of what we saw as devilish horns.
So I ask you, who is the greater evil, the devil or the devil’s Devil.
Theatre is the mirror of life…
When I looked in this mirror I hated my reflection, I hate what I’m seeing.
So the play runs from 20th to 23rd October2016, 7pm each night @ the Efua Sutherland Drama Studio, Legon. 5cedis for Students with their ID cards, 10cedis for others.
Come see me act as a drunkard 😉
And yhup I will keep you updated… I will post on the play next week…
After that we should continue with the five pillars, then we will hear from Ofosu again.
Stay blessed…
Don’t do drugs…
Thanks for reading…

PS my bag of rice is empty, I will be grateful if a secret admirer or something will send a bag of rice to commonwealth hall room A37😇




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