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Son of the beard

Hi 🙋 fam,
Okay so this is a new installment to the 5pillars series…
Before the post I have to explain something I should have explained to you guys longest… Why I open brackets and comment on my own stuff while writing it( this is one of the dumbest things ever) well my mind is like a nightmare… So many voices in there all making up my thoughts… I’m like a teacher in there with different versions of me as students (including that guy in the class who keeps passing silly comments) .
And things got out of hand after I watched the Deadpool movie😆. I traded my conscience.(you know… Those two little guys in your head… The imp 👿 and the angel 😇… The cool dude and the Jon guy…) I replaced those comedians with Deadpool. So I have good Deadpool and bad Deadpool… Yhup I’m that awesome…

Son of the Beard
“Quickly folks we are loosing daylight…
Sound rolling…
Camera rolling…
1… Action!!!!”
Yhup this is what my life had been reduced to. I stood on set in costume… As a guard in Ananse in the land of idiots…(yhup I was acting as one of the idiots)
Everyone around teased and called me home support.
Well my dad was directing this movie and as my new nickname implied I was the only support from the home at that moment. I acted as an extra… I did welfare… I was a grip( the technical name for people who carry and help set up equipment on a movie set)… I was with set and props basically anything…
I like to think of my dad as a creative genius. I can easily say he’s the first person to influence my creativity…
He’s a Theatre arts lecturer,script writer,videographer, movie director,movie critic ( these are the things I know about him…😅 he can be real secretive, I won’t be surprised to find out that he is batman) I see him as an expert on anything creative in relation to performing arts.
Living under this creative genius is one hell of an experience. I don’t think I would have blossomed without his influence.
I remember growing up…
While most of my friends were learning to play football… I spent my after school period watching and partaking in rehearsals at the school of performing arts…
Everyone wanted to use Mr Aveh’s children for productions…
I’ve been in quite a number of plays and student movies…
In JHS when I was going through different artistic phases trying to find my own creative voice … This old man gave me full support…
I remember the pastels and color paints with sable brushes he bought for me when I thought I was going to be an artist. I remember the mallet and chisel set he bought for me when I wanted to try my hands on sculpture…
I can’t forget the xylophone he got me on my fourth birthday…
So when I entered senior high school… When I started spoken word… Everyone had high expectations…(even now in class🙀)
They saw me as Dr Africanus Aveh Junior…
My Dad taught me so many things, both directly and indirectly…
1. Responsibility… We’ve kept all kinds of animals as pets and livestock…countless number of dogs and cats,(we currently have new puppies) over 200 white mice( they just kept reproducing saaaaaaaaa😆😆😆 ) about 15 brown hamsters(they were soo cute) goats, sheep, ducks, chickens,pigeons, a giant tortoise, a baby monitor lizard(okay my brother and I kept this one a secret😈) snails, two chameleons and an African fresh water turtle.(the turtle is currently with us)
Keeping all these things was a very serious responsibility…(I used to feel like a zoo keeper😉)
2. Hard work pays. Growing up I had a few learning disorders… I learnt how to read in class 2(with mums help) and dad supported with a lot of reading materials…
I remember primary school(I was one real lazy kid😅) I used to copy only the questions and leave the instructions… So when I got home and they wanted to assist me with the assignments all they saw was a bunch of misspelled words with no idea of what they were to do with them… And I always gave the cheeky excuse that “ohh they didn’t give us heading😆😆) so dad instructed Emefa (My Elder sister) to always come and copy the assignments for me(girl hurry up and get married 💑😋… You have suffered in my hands)
I remember when I had difficulty with math in primary school…
I remember those late nights he spent up with me trying to force me to chew multiplication timetables…(I was more interested in the rhythm of the recitation… Two one two.. Two two four… Two four tin tin… Two five tiiin tin…😆 )
When he saw that wasn’t really working out well he looked for more innovative approaches to my math issues… So he enrolled me in the UCMAS program(erhmm I’ve forgotten what UCMAS stands for 😅 basically it’s the abacus training thingy)
Dad never forced any of us into a life that wasn’t ours… Nerh. He aloud us to clear and carve out our own creative paths. Nevertheless he was always a pillar of discipline in our lives…(The man can whoop😱) I’ve been lashed as punishment with all kinds of objects for different reasons😆😆😆 . He has whooped me so bad that if I was a girl my name would have been changed to Whoopie Goldberg😝. (okay the inner Deadpool in me says this joke is off the hook)
Dad also taught us that our education was very important… I wasn’t always the best student but I’ve had my moments through hard work. I remember my final year in senior high school, to motivate me to learn I was given a first class fully stocked 5star chop box😆😋 and yh anytime I opened the chop box, I used to imagine my dad’s hologram standing by it saying “eerrhh Abi you are going to eat… Eat all and if you like get Fs you will vomit every iota back”.
The man can be really hard on us sometimes but it always turns out to be for our own good.
Another peculiar thing about him is his grey beard(hence today’s title… He has this pure grey goatee that stands out😆😆😆 and surprisingly that’s the only part of his whole being with grey colouring😆. Like it’s so serious… I have a black and white picture of the whole family and the beard is on fleek👌…
I’m not a fan of facial hair(not because I don’t have… But my baby face is a very important asset when it comes to hunting😁) but if I’m asked to make a list of the things I want to inherit from him it will be:
1.(not the beard I got you there didn’t I😅) his creativity. He has this perfectionist way of doing things… He believes art is not supposed to be just beautiful but also insightful.
2.(still not just his beard) his management skills. My dad is a bit Stoic in nature( this “Stoic” word again… I’ve been meeting it saaaa in my studies off late… This is probably the worst grammatical construction I have done… I feel insecure calling it a sentence… This Deadpool bracket commenting is getting out of hand… Come to think of it do I open a bracket within a bracket to comment on the bracket that was opened to comment on the already opened bracket that was commenting on the original post…. #IkentTHINKmadness😝… Back to the post) He is more about the bare necessities of Life(like a Windows phone😐)
3. His beard(yh finally you’ve got what you wanted)
So before I end this post, there are a few things I have to put out there…
1.My MISweb(where UG students results are displayed…) is my dads browser’s homepage. Each time he opens the internet he sees my results(That’s why I don’t joke with certain things).
2. The best time to ask for permission for anything is when he’s taking his afternoon nap.(study the dialogue below..)
[before going out… Dad is sleeping]
Me: Daddy can I go meet a friend in town?
[later that evening]
Him: Dodzi where were you?
Me:I went to meet a friend… When I asked you, you said Hmmm😆
[Dad taking a nap… My kid bro wants to eat ice cream]
Sena: Daddy can I eat Ice cream?
[later that day…Ice cream Container almost empty]
Him:What happened to the Ice cream?
Me: Daddy Sena said you said we should eat it😅 (take note of the word “should”)

3. He has been a great dad… Even after the divorce and all those things, he has proven to us that we are his top most priority👏👏👏

This is the thing… We’ve been a hell lot of work load to bring up… Despite all the my first copy books he bought I still have a horrible handwriting(I write like an epileptic chicken dancing shoki).
He had time to come for all My “meet the parents” ( a day set aside in my basic school for parents to meet with teachers and go through our exercise books as a means of physically checking on our academic progress… This is by far the most sensible bracket comment… And I just spoilt it didn’t I …) and looked at the trash I was writing😆😆😆.
And finally I want to thank him for all the support he has shown since the day sperm Dodzi won his first and last race… (that race was a matter of life and nonexistence😆😆😆..)
I know you’ve got great expectations for me… I don’t know if I might hit the exact target but char… This is just the beginning…
I will make more headlines than cornrow😱(Kiki this your punch just bost my brain)
Please I have to go get my brain back… If I don’t leave now the inner Deadpool will take over and continue the rest of the post…( he’s about taking over)
This is buy far the worst ending ever(I just might borrow everydayGladiator’s catch phrase… Where in the name of Jeffery’s nose is he… Jeff’s nose tho… It’s so big it’s got more views than my blog… He’s going to diss me saaa when he see’s this..) okay that’s enough… Before my inner Deadpool ruins the post…
Winging it!!!!!



Spoken word artiste, Lyricist, writer, actor, radio show host.... Basically out of the abundance of my Art 🎨 you hear my heart ❤ speak

3 thoughts on “Son of the beard

  1. Interesting piece Dodzie.
    I will patiently wait for Daddy in the afternoon to make my silly request, which I know a hmmm will be the answer.


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