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A Broken Christmas.

6tag_191216-193331.jpgMerry Christmas Squad 😉…
On Christmas day at 5pm y’all should listen to the open air theatre Show on Radio Univers 105.7fm…
Well we’re having the special Christmas edition of the show… We will be doing a Recital of DoTH Clique’s 9 letters of Christmas Spoken word anthology.
Trust me you don’t want to miss this( y’all expecting me to talk something crazy in here 😂 )
I wrote this piece a year ago as part of the anthology…
It happens to be my only work with the clique… Erm… And I’m retiring from the clique by the end of the year (c’mon it had to happen)
So this is like my good bye post to them( really… Guy who does that 😞)
You can read the other pieces at

A Broken Christmas.
I grew up in a broken home…
Literally broken…
Though we weren’t broke,
and dad never got stroke,
let’s just say there wasn’t enough love sweet as coke,
to prevent us from puffing up like smoke.
Before we got broken,
Christmas used to be a time of fun and joking,
We gathered around the table, just broken people,
sitting in love and pretence, as we opened up our presents.
So don’t you talk about Christmas cheer,
Where were the sleigh and reindeer?
When love refused to rain here..
Through out the year,
Where was Santa and his elves?
On the shelves, I guess, along with all the other Christmas decorations, :
When my family faced degradation.

So on that day when they got the divorce, and I had to choose between my ‘merry’ mother, and father for Christmas…
That night when the ‘Silent Knight’ but man disrupted the jingle bells and cries of love in the depth of my heart…
In a pool of despair drowning,
I heard the angels singing,
I opened my eyes, Looking at the skies,
And then I saw it…
The east star,
I got saved though it wasn’t easter..
I gave up hate, left her hand,
In anger she tried to hit me,
but fleeing from Her rod, I run to Bethlehem…
There, birthed, lay Him…
The one who made my life stable,
Was born in a stable.
They gave Him gold, frankincense and myrrh…
I just stood there…
Just like the little drummer boy, my heart beat punchlines and rhymes, on your eardrums.
I saw Mariah Carrey Him as they sang ‘all I want for christmas is you’,
Who? Me?
Certainty not me, but you reading.
Forget the TV, and all those Christmas movies that have nothing to do with bringing Christ to the masses that is moving.
And retail shops exploiting the season, that has nothing to do with seasoned chicken.

Christmas is broken with sin…
Christ was born…
…so we could be born again.
So in our brokenness, we choose Christ for Christmas over the masses.
It’s a merry christmas…
So like Mary give birth to Christ…
…for the masses.



Spoken word artiste, Lyricist, writer, actor, radio show host.... Basically out of the abundance of my Art 🎨 you hear my heart ❤ speak

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