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Misconceptions: The trilogy

I’ve been working on this project for almost a whole year(it’s a pretty long story.)
I first conceived the idea somewhere in late March 2016. I remember the late night walks I took, clearing my mind, creating thinking space.
These were among the first pieces I produced when I first found my real voice.
The original idea was to produce 3 closely related pieces(hence trilogy… A part of me wanted to say Heinz Bake beans…) the pieces touch on issues that are very dear to me(please those of you thinking it’s about a girl,staaapit😒 this is one aspect of my life that is not connected to the natural Man hunting instinct).
I remember I first wrote these pieces down.
1.The big picture.
2. Dear Mr Christian.
3. Who is Deydzi?
After writing and editing I was preparing to have a studio session during the vacation, and next thing I knew… BAM!!! I had lost the pieces… I just couldn’t find them,
I started with the recovery process… I remember waiting on Recovery like Nana Addo’s race to the presidency(Charley!!! I choq keep oooo😆… It reached sometime sef I started saying “The Battle is the Lord’s” )
I got fed up one day and decided that, guy if I wrote these things down in the first place I could always rewrite them down.
I remember entering my throne room and sitting on my throne( Throne here is the toilet 🚽)
This was my man cave, it was like a portal to different dimensions, the nexus of all realities… The place where all the different dimensions and alternate worlds crossed paths.(Please wash your hands after reading this post I’m actually sitting on my throne right now 😆😆😆)
I remember spending the whole day in here, in a state of deep meditation(Dad occasionally came to ask how many eggs I had laid😅) I remember searching the depths of my mind for the words that made up those pieces.
The most annoying thing ever was that, the recovery process was successfully completed just a day after I had successfully rewritten the pieces.
I compared both versions and I realized the rewritten ones were improved.
So I headed to the studio and recorded the pieces…
Later to be told that the studio PC crashed…
Untill just last week I successfully completed the rerecording.
Even with that one the electricity current in the studio kept fluctuating(na erh tita tita).
I remember the PC blacking out a couple of times during the recording.
I realized that the trilogy did not really tackle all the misconceptions I wanted to tackle, these pieces were also quite old, my writing style has greatly improved since then, nevertheless the project is very epic.
I still had a little more stuff in my chest that I had to spit out, so I pieced it together and produced a bonus track to make up for the long time this project has been stuck in the pipelines. So my trilogy has four pieces and they are as follows.
The Big Picture.
This piece tackles most of the uncertainties we young people face in life, it revolves around life choices and peer pressure. The piece suggests that life itself is a big picture being painted by a Devine artist who has given us the choice to paint our own small pictures… With the Hope that piecing together all these smaller pictures will produce the exact picture he had in mind.
Dear Mr Christian.
This is really one of my favorites. It’s a letter my non Christian side  wrote to my Christian side and all other Christians. I’ve performed this piece live on several occasions and I’ve seen it do it’s magic by changing the whole atmosphere and given the people something to think about. The piece itself was inspired by Derek Minor’s Rap song, Dear Mr Christian , featuring Lecrae and Dee1. It is a picture of the Church from an unbeliever’s perspective.
We’re stars on earth we just seem to be shinning with the wrong kind of brilliance…
The reason I wrote this piece is not because I hate the church,nooo… It’s because I’m a part of this body so I have every right to wash it.
Who is Deydzi?
This piece attempts to answer the question who is Deydzi? All I did was stitch together some plenty basaa basssa something bii in a quest to answer the unknown.
It’s like fruit salad(everything some dey inside)
In fact it’s like Life’s Junkyard™  a lot of my usual rubbish with hidden treasures.

Lord of the Rings.

This is the bonus. (you know, like when you go and buy waakye and you beg Hajiah to dash you some extra scoops😆😆😆… Come to think of it those who are making a fuss over Nigerian and Ghana Jollof have you ever had waakye😋… I know relationships are interesting but c’mon have you ever had waakye😍 … Waakye won’t be expecting a vals day gift, waakye won’t bother to call you and call you again saying you are not picking her calls… W.O.R.D. Waakye Over Relationships Damn!!!)
This piece highlights the struggles of living a double life,looking at life through different perspectives. Trying to fit in among different societies when you were made to be different.(P.S. The piece has nothing to do with waakye, that was just by the way😁)
The misconceptions project seeks to speak on issues that everyone refuses to speak about.
Relevant issues that we normally ignore, this is what I stand for…
I speak the unspeakable…
I touch the Untouchable…
I am Batman😈 (#Note2Self: Remember to clear this last statement during the final editing… It’s one of those cool things you say in your head😌)
Official cover art drops on Wednesday… It was designed by a good friend… In fact I will blog about it.
The pieces drop on 1st February…
Anticipate 😎
Ooo and before I go everydayGladiator and I are working on retelling African stories in a way that will be appreciated by the 21stCentury manga/anime/comicbook/superhero/fantasy/mythology/fiction fan.
He has already started his tale “Order of the Web” mine will drop in March…
In the meantime enjoy it at
Since I ended today’s post with a shadout to Gladiator, let’s do this the Gladiator way😈…..
#Winngiiinnngggg it!!!!!
(sound effect should be placed here…. Batman leaves stage…. Kill the lights…. Pppfffff)



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