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Misconceptions:The Story.

Hi there…
It’s been a while, I hope everyone is great… Well I’ve been awfully busy off late. School just resumed and Level 200 second semester is something else…( charley just one week ooo… Hmmm, I miss my childhood 😆😆😆😆.)
Aside books there’s a ton of projects packed for the semester.
By the grace of God I’ve successfully  released my debut spoken word project. (I’ve been blogging about this for a while now.)
These aren’t my first writings… Nooo,😆😆😆  this is my first professionally recorded compilation.(it’s like I’m a parent and they’re my new babies)
Anyway… Today I don’t have anything to say. The plan was to come and talk about nothing with the hopes of speaking on something and then conclude the post with the link to my Audiomack page for the audios.(P.S. If you don’t want me to waste anymore time from your lives just skip to the end of the post and click on the link😆😆😆  if you continue to read, you read at your own risk😅😅)
So here we go…. The talk on nothing.
I happen to know 10 very inquisitive people, if you are still reading this then you are 15 of them😏.
Remember Curiosity killed the cat, well I was there when it happened. Curiosity happens to be my Cousin, you see we are Ewes, so after he killed the cat Akpene made the palmsoup😆😆😆…
OK let’s get a little serious, I will be writing 4 short stories inspired by Misconceptions. Expect them very soon…
Before I leave, February is seen as two things… Black history month and month of love. Am I the only one who sees the connection??

This is the link to Misconceptions the trilogy…EP link:
Please download and let me know what you think… Contact me through email.…
Yours(I don’t know what exactly to put here 😆😆…uhuuhhh… Annoyingly,)


Spoken word artiste, Lyricist, writer, actor, radio show host.... Basically out of the abundance of my Art 🎨 you hear my heart ❤ speak

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