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#NSMQ…  Humble beginnings.

IMG-20170703-WA0017Hey there Junkies😅😅 (what were you expecting to be called in a junkyard) Today’s post is dedicated to a group of young(not so young but extremely dedicated ) performers.  These guys(where guys also includes the girls in the group) have come a long way . Today’s post is dedicated to Nyansapo productions.  The face of Comedy in Ghana.

I remember the whole crew…  I was in primary school when I first met these guys.  I remember goofing about at the drama studio with Foster and Clement.  These guys have been and would always be an inspiration to me.  I was just a young boy then(extremely young…  I couldn’t copy my own homework from the board…  My big sister had to do that😂😂😂😂 Lord she has suffered!!! ) These guys were then students  of the school of performing arts,  University of Ghana, and Daddy happened to be one of their lecturers.

As a son of an SPA lecturer(at this moment you should know SPA is School of Performing Arts… Where is the face palm emoji when I need it? note to self:update your emoji keyboard.) I spent a lot of time roaming and playing about at the SPA.  I was in Theatre productions,  I watched productions, I watched several rehearsals… I still have some lines stuck in my head,  I lived and breathed art. I started building a professional network without even knowing it.  I remember seeing them in many plays. I haven’t met anyone who can rival their passion.  I remember Foster acting as pastor Asempa in Tears of Lucifer.  I remember Foster in Dessert dreams. I can’t forget when Clement and Eddie Nartey pulled a comic stunt on stage while they acted as the monks in Doctor Faustus.(The way Professor Martin Owusu was Pissed off 😂😂😂😂😂) I remember Doctor So playing the court crier in the trial of Mallam Illya, I’m honored to have played the role recently.  I remember going for the trip to Nzulezu with Daddy’s RTV class. These guys were like bigger brothers. I remember when Foster would convince us to convince Daddy to give him money for us to have pizza on tuesdays(this was before terrific Tuesday pizza became carpet 😭😭😭)  . I remember watching their first major comedy production.  The gallery of the comedies. I remember it going viral. These guys have been through hell.

The were days where they’ve organized shows and the performers naaa were the audience. When these guys started out as comedians no one really believed in Ghanaian comedy.  The most amazing thing is these guys were university graduates who wanted to be comedians.  I’m pleased to announce that their next piece is bigger than anything you’ve ever seen.

Nyansapo has the habit of subtly educating their audience (despite all the extreme folery😂😂😂😂) .

Galery of the comedies satarised life on campus. Falgstaff house was a political satire.  And the New piece is titled National Science and  Maths Quiz…  Your guess is as good as mine. What the bazinga!!!  Why in the name of the stolen but returned empty hand bag would you name a comic play National  Science and Maths quiz? (shadowt to Adisco boys😂😂😂😂😂(auto correct says it is a disco)is your uniform an advert for Tomtom or piano tiles? )

Personally I am of the view that the NSMQ is overrated and it’s about time the whole context becomes very practicalised. (as in we get to see students do science projects, experiments,  solve actual real life problems and build nuclear weapons rather than watch them answer past questions for an already written exams with Ashsaiman Chameleons) . Let’s just see what Nyansapon has in store for us.  It would be very intense seeing the likes of Jeneral Ntatea,who believes that in terms of distance Kasoa is further than the moon,  since the moon can be seen but Kasoa can’t. Not forgetting Mawuli Jasparo… The latest comic actor from SPA, And whole bunch of certified Idiots😂😂😂😂 .

The production is going to be exotic, since Nyansapo has decided to fuse the comic play with spoken word performances.  We have on Bill sensational, fast rising spoken word artiste and actor Faiba.  Who recently rocked the 2nd edition of the sobolo+chicken poetry show,  and the April edition of the Ehalakasa talk party.  Since the play touches on the Ghanaian  educational system,  it has just been confirmed that a certain someone who has a bone to pick with our school system, an intriguing spoken word artiste who runs an online junkyard  and has currently trimmed all his hair , (his bio is on the about page which he should prolly update…  Note to self: update about page ) yours truly WhoIsDeydzi, would be on stage.
You don’t want to miss this!!!!

Come 8th July,2017… There would be two shows…  4pm and 8pm respectively… At the National Theatre

Tickets going for 60 cedis single 100cedis double…



Spoken word artiste, Lyricist, writer, actor, radio show host.... Basically out of the abundance of my Art 🎨 you hear my heart ❤ speak

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