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The ladder


The crowd was on fire!!!  We stood on the stage of the National Theatre, with the stage lights shinning so bright, but not as bright as the smiles on our faces…  We were darn proud of ourselves. I looked before me and there stood a standing crowd on fire with cheers and applause, oblivious of the hustle we had gone through to give them the performance they had enjoyed… In the background played the famous viral song “the ladder” which had sparked a very crazy internet challenge. IMG-20170711-WA0019[1]

I used to think of this song as a very silly song…  Well that’s what it appeared as, well on the other hand the silliest things had become very important to me over the last 72hours…

As one of us addressed the crowd, the question came up, why title a comedy play “the ladder”. This particular question had been asked by most of us over and over again. At that moment…  In that brief time lapse the words of this silly song meant so much to me then they had ever meant. _MG_8517

My whole life flashed before my eyes (well not my whole life…  A few flashbacks in relation to the production). I had an epiphany.

If you had told me about 10 years ago that I would be performing on the same stage with the very guys I watched on stage I’d have taking you to be a Kumasi prophet. I wondered, what ladder had I magically climbed to get to this level.IMG-20170711-WA0020[1]

Sometimes in life unexpected miracles happen to push us to certain heights without our knowledge…

And this particular production was a testimony.  Everyone knew we had some unexpected legal issues regarding our much advertised play “National Science and maths quiz “.  We had to pull down our ads and retrieve and replace all the sold “national science and maths quiz” tickets with “the ladder” tickets.

The play “the ladder” was put together on the morning of the performance. In other words all our weeks of rehearsals and preparations had been flashed down the toilet…  And all we were left with was an empty water closet and an audience waiting for a splendid performance._MG_8595

Someway somehow we miraculously found a ladder which we used to climb out of the crap hole we had slipped into…  It then hit me again, life is like the board game of snakes and ladders. You are bound to get bitten but you’ve always got to climb a ladder.

The Nyansapo family can bear with me that this was a real struggle. From the sound that refuses to mess up only when the audience are absent…  To all the plenty backstage mishaps.  We had crew members passing out and performers sustaining injuries, and our audience remained oblivious seeing these accidents as choreographed stunts.IMG-20170711-WA0021[1]

We successfully sailed through two solid performances…

To answer your question, “why title a stage comedy the ladder?”  It’s the same reason why the lyrics to a 7minutes viral song are

“Ladder ladder ladder ladder ladder…

Our lord Jesus is a ladder…

Ladder follow…

Follow the ladder to heaven… “_MG_8383


Life is a game of snakes and ladders… You are bound to get bitten…

We saw a ladder we followed it we followed it…

We followed it…  Seeing you guys clapping massively was heaven to us.

So the next time you think of the ladder challenge, remember that the challenge is in your zeal to keep climbing after the bites…

“Brother follow…  Follow the ladder to heaven… ”




Spoken word artiste, Lyricist, writer, actor, radio show host.... Basically out of the abundance of my Art 🎨 you hear my heart ❤ speak

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