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A regular Guy haircut, World Mental health day and Struggling with a character… Not forgetting the Waakye and the KubeNsuo and the half Naked rapper who inspired my Epiphany… Well I don’t think the title sums everything up…

Hi lovely visitors to this Junkyard… I’ve been away for over a year… Growing writing speaking… Well I’m back Now!!! This is today’s Story….

It was 7:45 am… The morning of the technical dress rehearsal for my final year theatre production participation exam. I was playing sir Wilfrid Robarts in Agatha Christie’s courtroom drama; witness for the prosecution.
I had come to the Theatre Arts department to meet with some of the cast for us to run lines. I was really struggling with this role. I had picked the role quite late and time was running out…
Normally I’m able to create a very intriguing version of the character and portray it on stage… But this time around things were messy. I hadn’t got the hang of sir Wilfrid and each time I went on stage it was still just Dodzi… Trying to hard and fumbling… So there I stood…
I looked at my script and they’ve checked the time, 7:50am… There was still time to go and eat Waakye beside the police station just across the main entrance to the school.
So then, Waakye it was.
You see I like to think of Waakye as the most progressive food in a creative way. In the sense that it’s made of Rice and beans cooked together with a natural food dye. And isn’t that what we all are? Beings that have hopes to rise to the top, though we’d all eventually die in the end. (Yaasssss… I’ve been away for so long but I’ve still got the hand of this… Here is a random thought that won’t make it to this post: But God doesn’t play dice)
As I crossed the streets I begun thinking of my struggle with this role… I took my locks off to feel and look different but I still wasn’t getting Sir Wilfrid right. Dad said I looked like a lunatic in those… I agreed with him, well we all can’t look same and sane. The previous day someone saw me in my “regular guy haircut ” and said… “finally you look like a human being ” To his surprised , I looked him Dead in the eye, and with the straightest of faces I replied… “well humanity is stupidly overrated and it was never my intention to belittle myself just so I could coexist among you petty beings… ” (You should have seen the look on his face… Herh!!! He just walked away… It was like he had seen a reptilian )
I broke my pensive mood by thinking about the Waakye. Nothing touches the soul and sets the universe right, done early morning Waakye washed down with fresh coconut milk. Just before I got to the Waakye joint I saw him, he was walking about, half naked. He had on what used to be a blue shirt and probably a khaki shorts, torn into pieces and wrapped around him in an awkward manner and at weird angles (even Kanye West, who has decided to tear clothes and sell to people as a clothing line, couldn’t come up with this catastrophe). The most striking thing to me was his round cap he had on… I looked at him and saw him walk with the usual hip hop rapper swagger, and he seemed to be passionately rapping to himself… As far as he was concerned he was the best rapper alive, though he probably wasn’t wearing the best wrapper.(you feel me… See what I did there?)
I joined the Waakye que… And I just heard one of the women say, “Ooh oye bodamfo”
She was talking to her friend about the man and they said he was crazy…
Then it occurred to me. The Key to unlocking sir Wilfrid Robarts was forget about all the opinions I had about him and just become him… I was supposed to let loose the character and trust that I would be the best Sir Wilfrid Robarts I could ever be. And today, being world Mental health day, I decided to just let go off everything and all the self consciousness I had on stage…
Maybe this might work…
Or maybe I was just hallucinating from the Waakye high…

Anyway the play opens tomorrow…
The details are on the flyer…
P.S. I typed all of this in between classes… There are most likely to be all kinds of mistakes I might not be able to correct them all… If you see them… Feck them!!!!
(I didn’t actually swear, but then again this provides the implied meaning of the cuss word so maybe I did swear… Did I?? Well feck this too)



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