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hi people… okay yhup, I’d be honest. I haven’t been treating this blog well at all( I haven’t been treating anything well at all). so we turned a year old this month and a lot of great changes are to happen(if I had a genie I’d wish for some few dollars to pimp this place up… come to think of it , do we pimp junkyards??) a lot has been going on in my life lately, I’d share on them soon, but before anything, please enjoy this. what started out as my creative writing assignment on the short story turned out to be the very first written episode of my purely fictional Ghanaian inspired mythological/superhero/fictional multiverse.( I’ve had the idea  for ages… sadly the first 3 episodes are stuck on my windows phone… it is a very sad distin…)wp-image--1207819432


Nsamanpwom held many secrets, he was glad to be out of there.

What had happened to Kumasi? What had happened to the beautiful garden city he had left behind? The seat of government of the powerful Asanteman he had left behind was now scattered with ugly buildings and flashy lights. The people wore such ugly clothes; even the creepy white men who came from across the sea would not wear such rugs. A lot had changed in slightly over three centuries, he had to adapt to his environment quickly so he could complete his mission.

He closed his eyes and looked into hiss “ Luʯ”. He still had a piece of Adinkra, the link to Anansesem. He was surprised that his link to the wisdom of the elders had not been broken despite his time in Nsamanpwom.  He opened his eyes and smiled. “ Nyansapo Denkyem”, the symbols of the crocodile and the knot of wisdom appeared individually in his palms. He raised his hands up and clasped his hands in a fist “agama” the two symbols merged together and landed on his chest. His raffia skirt and fly whisk, rapidly changed into a sleek suit with a walking stick. He suddenly knew every single thing that had happened since he left Asanteman over three centuries ago in search of the key to eternal life. I never expected the world to change so fast, he said to himself. Now to his mission, he had to find his twin brother.

The world as he knew it  had drastically changed.  He was not surprised that Asanteman and parts of the former Dogbo states hand merged with most of the other states to form modern day Ghana.  What surprised him was how fast technology had advanced over 300 years, what would have been pure sorcery in his time was now highly possible with a perfectly logical explanation.  He placed his hand in his pocket and pulled out a plastic strip which he wrapped around his wrist. He waved his hand over it and it brightly lit up projecting a 3d image of a half bitten apple. “ Hi my name is Siri, how can I be of assistance?” if he didn’t know better he’d have called the voice from the mobile device magic. How do I get to Konu in the Volta region of Ghana? He asked. Well I can get you a taxi to the Kumasi international airport, from there we pick a flight to Keta airport and then another taxi to your desired destination. He was amazed by how resourceful this virtual voice was. His abilities made him far superior to mortal men, he could easily just materialize at his desired destination, but he was low on energy and needed to catch up with the rest of the world. Great , let’s do it, was his reply to the voice.


He had not slept in over 300 years, yet he couldn’t close his eyes for more than five minutes. The burden of his mission was so great, he saw visions of what was to come each time his eyes were closed. To distract himself, he turned on the TV to watch world news. There was some mumbo jumbo about America given north Korea an ultimatum with threats of a nuclear world war, while England was not sure  whom was to occupy the English throne. Honestly all these things were Childs play as compared to what was supposed to come. The fabric of reality, time, history and Anansesem were at stake. As much as technology had advanced, human beings had still not the slightest idea on the actual reality of all creation. The creator Mawu Sogbo Lisa, in his own wisdom  knew why he made it so.  Those who were gifted with the sacred duty to protect  this golden truth were the guardians of anansesem.

The plane landed safely.


He walked along the beach at konu, memories which his twin brother had experienced over 300 years ago on this beach came to his mind. He remembered them like they were his memories.

He remembered how his brother was tricked and tied to a huge granite boulder and thrown into the sea. He remembered how his brother had appeared three days later floating on the back of a crocodile in the sea. He smiled to himself. Tsali had always been the Gbevu of the family, no wonder he had had the courage to challenge their father to an “Amlimatsitsi” duel. His locked hair blew in the sea breeze. He closed his eyes and tried to connect with his brother through the psychic link they had shared since birth.  “Where the hell are you? Gbevu … there is no time for messing around”. He heard a familiar laughter, “ is that really you Tsala?” he opened his eyes to see the annoying face of his twin brother, “it’s been ages since I heard that name… Tsala”.  Tsali looked at his twin brother and replied him in a sarcastic tone, “I’m sorry, do you rather prefer the name that went down in the history books?  Has the great Okomfo Anokye forgotten his real name?”. That’s enough Tsali we’ve got a lot to do, don’t let me kill you.  Tsali interrupted his brother, come one bro, there is enough drama in the world already, for instance, America is about starting a third world war just because their gay president feels North Korea insults his sexuality.

Tsali I understand the world is messed up but, whatever is coming is more dangerous than anything that has ever happened. Anansesem is being threatened. Tsali was shocked at what his twin brother said. They all knew this day would come.  There was only one person in existence who could lead them to battle, he was Kwaku Ananse. Ananse had  resurfaced for the first time in over 100000 years about 20 years ago. He had disappeared  about 5 years later. No one knew where he was.

Tsali saw the seriousness on Tsala’s face, he knew exactly what they had to do. “ Alright I’d go with you to find that old spider… before we leave I just have one question? Did you ever find the key to eternal life?” Tsala looked at his brother with a smirk, “ well the golden ankh had already finished his mission before I met him… the golden ankh was the Christ who was crucified on a cross. Now let’s get out of here”.

“Sankofa”, the symbol of the mythical bird with the very egg which it had hatched from and would lay appeared before them. The bird gently placed its egg on its back, it gently pushed its beak through the shell of the egg, its beak was followed by its head then neck until the whole thing went through and begun to spin violently, creating a portal. Tsali smiled and turned to his brother, “ well let’s go, ohh and we’d have to be very patient when we meet Ananse, he’s not quite the Ananse we expect him to be.” Tsala looked at his brother with uncertainty on his face, “where exactly are we going?”

Tsali laughed, “not where… when. We are going to 2017, the year Ananse resurfaced.”