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Where is your Boyfriend?😂😂

Hey FAM 😎 yes yes yes I know I’m very brown but a lot has happened (like a lot😂😂) well I’ll brief you guys on everything… And those expecting the corpus Christi continuation don’t worry it’s still cooking. In the meantime exams are around the corner so this is prolly my last post till the end of the sem. Now this is an exaggerated true story…(just like two balls of Kenkey😂😂😂😂) 

I was extremely fagged out… Well it wasn’t an easy job walking all the way to diaspora and walking back to vandal city.  The most annoying thing was that, I had gone purposefully to discuss business and my business associate’s roommate stood at the door and was like ” Oohh she has a visitor so could you come back later”. (Negress😒 if she wasn’t expecting me would I be there?) Well when I finally entered she didn’t even offer me a seat, so I just stood there, she kept laughing… Like it was stand up comedy(no pun intended) till the end of the meeting.

With the little strength left I managed to climb up to A upper.I could picture my bed all laid like I had left it… With the pillow and bed sheet staring at me saying  “baby… You know how bad you want me… Come get me!!” . right before reaching my room I realised something was seriously off… “Wait is that gospel music coming from Joseph’s room?” Even in my state of fatigue my system still sensed something off was going on. Before I left I met Joseph all shadad and hyped for a drink up… And knowing Joseph the way I knew him this was going to be a night of “tipsiness” and mild ecstasy. The guy was poised for extreme grinding and was most likely to return with a 3rd degree case of blue balls. But here he was about 2 hours later well settled in his room listening to Twi gospel.

I forgot about my lust for my bed and decided to probe a little. Well I entered Joseph’s room and the squad were all there. What surprised me was that, Tonight(we all call him that because his complexion is as dark as the darkest night… But he still ain’t batman…no pun intended) was seriously laughing his blackness of.

I was like “Charley The drink up noh how e go?”. Tonight looked me in the eye and replied with a sly look, “Charley … Deebee drink up ooohh… No show Kraa” I looked at Joseph sarcastically, “ah Joe what do you?”

Well that was how Joe begun his tale(switching to the Joseph perspective😝)

Well like we had told you earlier, we were going for a drink up at Pent, it was Mabena’s birthday.  Dey as you know this girl bost my brains all. I’m tired of perching on so many trees… It is high time I settled with her. So this drinkup was supposed to be the last phase of the movement.  We got there quite early, and just like Tonight said, everyone was busily sitting down using their phones. No grinding… Not even dancing. So Tonight and I just kept our cool. I spoke with Mabena and well things seemed to be going according to plan. So I still stayed cool.

The party kept progressing on a dull note. Soon it was time to cut the cake, after the popular part of the birthday song we’re all very familiar with a not so new line came in right before the cake was cut. “Where is your boyfriend… Where is your boyfriend…🎵🎶🎵🎶 where is your boyfriend…” The crowd kept chanting this line. I felt a chill crawl down my spine… Mabena gently giggled… My heartbeat rapidly increased… Then it rapidly dropped… It begun to skip a few beats… I felt a churning in my stomach… I looked up and saw her looking in my direction. She smiled. I saw her gently raise her hand pointing in my direction… I smiled… This was it. I slowly got up and adjusted my cover shirt and collar. I was about to move forward to receive my queen… Just then a voice came from behind me, “excuse me please”. I shifted to give him way. He walked up to Mabena, and was received with a tight embrace. I stood there in shock… I watched my whole life fall to the ground,shattering to pieces like an empty glass. I felt like Arsenal in the EPL. I felt like Medikal at the VGMAs, I felt the pain in my capillaries and arteries. Next thing I realised I was here on my bed.

(Switching back to the Deydzi perspective😎)

Damn!!!! I couldn’t help laughing…. Herhh… Licking Paaa nie… I looked at the pitiable creature left of Joseph. “So Charley what’s up with the twi gospel”  Tonight replied for him “Charley God’s love never fails😂😂

Well Joseph followed me to church on Sunday.