Who Is Deydzi?


I’m the idiot behind all the nonsense you read here. Most people call me Deydzi or WhoIsDeydzi (none of them are on my birth certificate).

Since this is supposed to be a bio of some sort, I’ll just go for it (no long talks).

I’m a spoken word artiste( specializing in hip hop poetry)

I’m one hell of a crazy writer

I’m an actor(both stage and screen)

I’m currently pursuing a degree in Theatre arts and English language

I’m a Christian but not religious( because religion is dead but Christ rose from the dead)

and finally I think Deadpool is freaking awesome!!!

(this is the point where I’m supposed to say something very deep)

I’m just trying to be relevant in my generation… i just want my voice to count positively… out of the abundance of my art you hear my heart speak….